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Beacon’s web3 accelerator provides startups with the support they need to thrive. We offer funding, mentorship and resources curated for web3 startups.

Beacon is a 3 month program that runs twice per year - one Fall cohort and one Summer cohort. Currently, each cohort consists of 10-20 companies.
Global Programming
Our program is designed to be remote-first, allowing us to accept only the best projects from all over the world.
We offer standard investment terms for all companies accepted into Beacon. We invest $250k at an $8m post-money valuation into every project.
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What does the program have to offer?

Demo Day

Our 3 month program culminates in a livestreamed Demo Day. At our Demo Day, founders pitch their startups to the top web3 investors and members of the press. Intros and fundraising are conducted through custom software exclusive to Beacon founders and investors.

Interested in attending? Join our community here.

Hands-On Mentors
Each company works with a dedicated core team member who will be responsible for checking in with their founders on a weekly basis. Mentors will work with their team to set relevant KPIs and measure their progress over the 3-month program.
Founder Network
Founders get access to our internal platform of Beacon founders and investors as well as Slack and Telegram groups specific to their sub-vertical within Web3.
Office Hours
Beacon’s core team hosts group office hours every week, allowing companies facing similar challenges to connect and problem solve collectively.
Holistic Web3 Resources
Our accelerator offers a full suite of web3-specific resources for founders: standardized legal counsel, market making and exchange listing advice, strategic marketing support, among other sources.
Founder Talks
Every week, we bring in founders across web3 who have built great companies to talk to our cohorts. Our founder talks are based around case studies where visiting speakers share the greatest challenges they faced in a candid and open environment.

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Who should apply?

We empower founders from all walks of life building in web3. You can be from any corner of the world to join Beacon.

Does Beacon invest in projects across all chains (Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Polkadot, etc.)?

Yes! We are chain agnostic and look to invest across the entire web3 ecosystem.

What investment terms does Beacon offer?

Beacon offers standard terms to all companies accepted into our cohort. Every company receives the same investment. The Beacon investment is:

We invest $250k at an $8m post-money valuation for 3.125% of your project equity and 3.125% of the total token supply.

As part of the Beacon terms, we request pro rata rights to maintain our 3.125% ownership level by investing new money in future equity financing rounds.

I have a company already. Can I join?

Definitely. We work with teams that are still incorporating or just hashing out their product design all the way to teams that have raised capital looking to accelerate their growth.

Who are the mentors?

Our mentors are a diverse group of top web3 founders and investors from all over the world. As part of the Beacon community, they join our weekly sessions to share their founding stories and teach Beacon founders how to navigate the challenges of building great web3 companies. You can see the full list of Beacon mentors here.

What's Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is Beacon's internal software platform. It's at the core of most of what we do here. Lighthouse serves both founders and investors:

Founders - All Beacon founders get access to Lighthouse. With a Lighthouse account, you get access to our alumni directory where you can connect with other founders with similar interests and backgrounds. Additionally, founders can use Lighthouse to review all of Beacon's preferred vendors who offer special deals and discounts to Beacon projects.

Investors - Approved investors are able to use Lighthouse to connect with the best projects in web3. With Lighthouse, investors can review project details, watch video pitches, read up on founder backgrounds, and, with the click of a button, get introduced to project founders to discuss investment.

How do I get access to Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is only for Beacon founders or investors in our network. If you're a founder, you'll need to join one of cohorts (apply here!). If you're an investor, you can apply to join our network here.

Is the program in person?

Beacon is fully remote but we host optional in-person meetups throughout the program for founders to connect IRL. 

How long is the program?

The program runs 3 months total. Each week, founders in our program attend one 2-hour session and can also attend optional office hours with our core contributors. Throughout the 3 month program, we also host one-off events outside of our regular schedule. Past one-off events have included VC Panels with top investors, special topic lectures addressing current events happening in web3, and pitch practice sessions with Beacon's core contributors.

Does Beacon help me hire?

Yes! Beacon has an inbound career form that allows great applicants to signal their interest in working for Beacon companies. Beacon founders get access to this database of candidates through Lighthouse.

What is the application process like?

After submitting your written application, you’ll hear back from us with next steps - either being asked to interview or letting you know that we will not be accepting you into this term’s cohort. If asked to interview, you will meet with our investment team where we will want to learn more about your team’s background, product ideas, and understanding of the problem you are trying to solve. It usually takes 2-3 calls for us to decide if you will be accepted into a Beacon cohort.

I just submitted my application - why haven't I heard back yet?

We aim to review all applications within one month after the submission deadline. So, if a project submits in a round with a January 31st application deadline, our team will get back to you with an update on your application status by the end of February.

What support do I get after graduating from Beacon?

We're committed to working with our founders long after they leave our 3 month program! All founders continue to get access to Lighthouse where they can interact with other Beacon alums and current founders. Further, we host alumni events where past founders can catch up with each other and our team. Last, Beacon founders always get access to our invite-only Demo Days where they can see the latest projects pitch.