Announcing the Beacon Web3 VC Database: Public Access to Data on 200+ Web3 Funds

August 10, 2023
Beacon Core Contributors

Today, we are excited to introduce the Beacon Web3 VC Database! The Beacon Web3 VC Database is a new tool for web3 founders to gain unique insights on the web3 funding landscape. Built by the team at Beacon, this database is now free for anyone to use. Read below to learn about why we are launching this platform and how it can help you.

The Maze of Traditional Funding Search

Despite the plethora of funding resources out there, none of them truly address the needs of web3 founders. You have LinkedIn Influencers promising access to their ‘proprietary’ databases if only you’ll like and comment on their post (of course, these are never comprehensive or just copy+pasted from other unreliable sources). On the other hand, you have static Notion pages that, while ungated, are always out of date. Getting the data you need to guide your fundraise is simply too hard.

As founders ourselves, we know the importance of a well-managed fundraise. It’s not just time consuming, but a mission critical process to ensure your startup’s survival. You need the best tools to give yourself the best odds of fundraising success.

Introducing The Beacon VC Database

Enter Beacon's latest tool, a comprehensive database of funds actively deploying into web3 startups. Leveraging our connections in the web3 VC industry, we meticulously put together this database over the past year. Critically, this information was collected directly from our meetings with real investors at each of these funds - never copied from unreliable online sources.

Initially, we built this database for the founders in our accelerators to leverage. After hearing the same questions like, “Which funds are deploying into game studios right now?” or, “Do you know any funds that will lead rounds for Seed-stage security projects?” we realized that we could tackle this with software. We built this database from scratch to allow our founders to have more power over their fundraising processes. But after seeing the value it was providing to our cohorts, we couldn’t help but think – why not open this to the community?

At Beacon, our goal is to provide the best collection of resources for web3 founders. That’s why, starting today, the Beacon VC Database will be available free of cost and open to all. Whether you’re a web3 founder researching the industry in advance of your next round, or an aspiring VC looking to learn more about how different funds invest, this tool is a game changer for you.

Why Our Database is Your Superpower

Our recently launched database already features over 200 funds, with new additions every day. It includes funds focused solely on web3, such as Blockchain Capital and Dragonfly along with generalist funds that have a crypto branch, like a16z and Lightspeed. We also have microfunds with less than $10m under management all the way up to the megafunds with over $1B in assets.

The Beacon VC Database easily empowers you to research how different funds invest

At a glance, you'll be able to easily see:

  • The stages these funds invest in, from Pre-Seed to Series A and beyond
  • The web3 verticals in which they invest: Gaming, Infrastructure, DeFi, Consumer/Social and more
  • Their range of total assets under management (AUM)
  • Whether they typically lead or follow investments (or both)
  • A short description and links to their website, Twitter and LinkedIn

Users also have the option to toggle between grid and list views. With the list view, you can easily sort and filter by column header to dig into the data.

The list view makes it easier to focus on the data side of the platform.

The Lighthouse Roadmap

Staying true to our web3 ethos, we plan to progressively decentralize the platform moving forward. At present, we know this is a static database. If a fund needs to update their information, they need to submit a revision request to share new information with us. With new releases on the horizon, investors will be able to ‘Claim’ their records and keep their data updated in real time. We know this database will only be a success if we can provide open-source, up to date, and accurate information for our community. Our roadmap towards a decentralized platform will ensure just that.

With this release, we are excited to expand our ability to support the best founders in web3. We hope this tool will be able to provide value to all of the current and aspiring founders out there. We encourage you to leverage this tool by accessing the Beacon VC Database here!

Disclaimer: This post is meant to provide general information only, and should not be used to evaluate the merits of any investment decision. It should not be taken as financial, accounting, legal or tax advice, nor should it be relied upon to recommend any investment. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors at the time of writing and do not necessarily represent the views of Beacon or its affiliates or any individuals associated with Beacon. These opinions are subject to change without notice.