Beacon Mentor Announcement – Anand Iyer

June 28, 2023
Beacon Core Contributors

We are excited to formally welcome Anand Iyer, Managing Partner at Canonical Crypto and Venture Partner at Lightspeed, to our Beacon Mentor community.


Anand's expertise lies in blockchain infrastructure and developer tools, making him an invaluable resource for founders in the web3 space. As the Founder and Managing Partner at Canonical Crypto, he’s dedicated to supporting early-stage ventures building crypto infrastructure.

In addition to leading his own web3 fund, Anand is also a Venture Partner at Lightspeed, one of the most well-respected VC firms globally. Anand's roles with both Canonical and Lightspeed offer him a vantage point in the industry afforded to few others in the industry, one where he can work with companies at all stages of their growth. 


Before joining the web3 space, Anand had significant entrepreneurial success. He founded Trusted, a childcare marketplace which was acquired by Before that, he played a vital role in the development of OnSports, a sports content platform acquired by Yahoo.


Anand will provide guidance and mentorship to Beacon founders aiming to make a profound impact in the web3 landscape. His deep understanding of blockchain infrastructure, developer tools, and market dynamics positions him as an exceptional resource for all Beacon founders.


We are honored to have Anand join our community, and we look forward to the invaluable insights he will bring to our founders!


If you're eager to learn from Anand and the other exceptional mentors in our network, we invite you to apply to the next cohort of Beacon here.

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