Beacon Mentor Announcement - Dmitriy Berenzon

August 21, 2023
Beacon Core Contributors

We are excited to formally welcome Dmitriy Berenzon, Research Partner at 1k(x), to our Beacon Mentor community.

As a Research Partner at 1k(x), Dmitriy focuses on crypto research, investment due diligence, and portfolio support. 1k(x) is a leading crypto firm dedicated to fostering ecosystem growth towards a decentralized future, emphasizing the potential of token networks to reshape the global economy and society. In addition to his research at 1k(x), Dmitriy devotes much of his time to assisting 1k(x) portfolio projects with fundraising, business strategies, and token model formulation. 

Earlier in his career, Dmitriy was the Assistant Vice President at Deutsche Bank Labs, liaising with startups, investors, and academic institutions to integrate groundbreaking technologies into the bank. He also served as a Research Partner at Bollinger Investment Group and collaborated with CoinFund, another leading cryptocurrency-centric investment firm.

Our founders are incredibly excited to learn from Dmitriy’s extensive knowledge in crypto research, investment strategies, and his wealth of knowledge in designing sustainable token economies.

If you'd like to work with Dmitriy and the other mentors in our growing network, we invite you to apply to the next cohort of Beacon here.

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