Beacon Mentor Announcement - Illia Polosukhin

August 30, 2023
Beacon Core Contribubtors

We're excited to welcome Illia Polosukhin, Co-Founder of NEAR Protocol, as the newest member of Beacon's mentor network! As a leading innovator in web3, Illia brings invaluable perspective on building open, scalable protocols for mainstream blockchain adoption.

Illia co-founded NEAR back in 2018, with the protocol launching in 2020. NEAR has rapidly emerged as one of the most promising Layer 1 blockchains, with a focus on usability and community-driven governance. Previously, Illia worked in AI Research at Google and co-authored the landmark paper on transformer design, “Attention Is All You Need.”

At Beacon, Illia will provide crucial guidance to founders on blockchain engineering, community incentives, and bridging academic research to real-world products. His technical expertise and experience building NEAR from the ground up make him an ideal mentor. We're honored to have Illia share his deep blockchain knowledge with our entrepreneurs. Please join us in welcoming Illia Polosukhin to the Beacon mentor community!

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