Beacon Mentor Announcement - Ryan Kim

July 5, 2023
Beacon Core Contributors

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Ryan Kim, Founding Partner at Hashed, to our esteemed group of Beacon Mentors.


Co-founded by Ryan with the mission of accelerating the transformative power of decentralization, Hashed has grown into one of the leading web3 funds in Asia.


Before his career in crypto, Ryan founded a mobile app builder serving over 100 online retailers, where he oversaw the development of recommendation systems. He exited the business in 2014, eventually selling to a unicorn enterprise. With the current platform of Hashed and his experience in data analytics, Ryan is positioned to offer unique guidance to Beacon founders navigating the intricacies of web3.

Ryan's addition to our mentor community is a major win for Beacon. We can't wait for our founders to benefit from his understanding of the global crypto industry and technical background.


For those eager to work with Ryan and our other exceptional mentors, apply to the next cohort of Beacon here

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