Introducing Cohort F23!

January 23, 2024
Beacon Core Contributors

Introducing Cohort F23

We're excited to introduce you to the newest graduates of the Beacon Accelerator, Cohort F23. After three months of dedicated effort and innovation, these 10 early-stage crypto startups are ready to make a significant impact in the world of Web3 and beyond. Let's dive into the remarkable projects that make up this cohort.

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity, founded by Michael Heinrich, Ming Wu, Fan Long, and Thomas Yao, is at the forefront of the generative AI era, offering programmable data availability 2.0. Their groundbreaking approach aims to revolutionize how data is accessed and utilized in AI applications.

Range Protocol

Created by Siddharth Lalwani and Tony Sun, Range Protocol serves as the universal gateway to DeFi asset management. This innovative platform is designed to simplify and secure access to decentralized finance, making it more accessible to a broader audience.

Fraction AI

Fraction AI, founded by Shashank Yadav and Rohan Tomar, is the first web3-powered platform providing human-annotated data for AI model training. This unique approach promises to enhance the quality and reliability of data used in AI development.

Sending Labs

Sending Labs, under the leadership of Henry Johnson, Mason Yang, and Joeyz Yu, is building the communication layer for web3. Their vision is to create a more connected and interoperable blockchain ecosystem, facilitating seamless communication across various platforms.


Founded by Dino and Dmitry Savonin, Fluent is redefining DApp development with its zkWASM platform. This innovative technology allows developers to build decentralized applications in any language on Ethereum, opening new possibilities for creativity and functionality.


Mizu, founded by Shu Dong and Peter Chen, is bringing web3 social payments to the forefront. This exciting development aims to integrate blockchain technology into everyday transactions, making crypto payments more accessible and user-friendly in social contexts.


Maru is setting a new standard in blockchain infrastructure with its zk-rollup technology. Founded by Alex Rusnak, this project focuses on providing trustless composability for web3 developers, enhancing the security and efficiency of decentralized applications.


Founded by Blake Capozza, Moso is revolutionizing the way we shop online. Their platform lets users earn crypto rewards by shopping at their favorite sites, seamlessly integrating cryptocurrency into e-commerce experiences.

Inco Network

Inco Network, created by Remi Gai, is pushing the boundaries of dapp development with composable and operable encrypted states. This technology enables a new generation of decentralized applications, offering more flexibility and security.


Co-founded by Kartin Wong and Suede Kam, HyperOracle's zkOracle is making smart contracts smarter. Their cutting-edge technology provides enhanced capabilities for smart contracts, improving their reliability and functionality.

It's been a privilege to work with these ten remarkable projects during Cohort F23. As they graduate from Beacon, we eagerly anticipate the extraordinary contributions they will make to the crypto and web3 space. Be sure to follow their journeys and stay updated on their post-Beacon endeavors.

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