Introducing Cohort S23!

August 9, 2023
Beacon Core Contributors

We are thrilled to introduce you to Cohort S23! These 10 startups spent the last 3 months in the  Beacon program scaling their projects and are now ready to announce themselves to the world. In this post, we take you through an overview of each of these incredible projects.


Cube3.AI is founded by Einaras Gravrock and Chris Griffiths. This advanced platform employs machine learning to block threats against smart contracts in real time, working towards a safer web3 environment for everyone. For a closer look at their cutting-edge technology, visit their website at

Ryu Games

Ryu Games is led by Rick Ellis, Wyatt Mufson, and Ross Krasner. Ryu Games is building the "Steam for Web3.” Their vision is to create a decentralized network of launchers, resulting in lower fees, faster onboarding, and a platform owned and operated by users. To explore their pioneering startup, head over to


Wasabi, led by Can Eren Derman and Hasan Atay, is building derivatives infrastructure for NFT markets. Their innovative NFT options protocol allows you to leverage market swings, hedge against downturns, and earn premiums on your NFTs. You can learn more about their solution here:


At the intersection of web3 and social media, you'll find Phaver. Phaver, founded by Tomi Fyrqvist, utilizes a multi-wallet, multi-protocol strategy to build the next generation of user-owned and governed social media platforms. Discover more about Phaver at

Vest Exchange

Vest Exchange is an innovative decentralized perpetual futures exchange that lets users propose and trade an extensive range of assets. Driven by a vision of optimizing capital efficiency, founders Rick, Justin, and Max aspire to create fluid markets that reflect human tendencies and real-world happenings. Explore their platform at

Side Protocol

Side Protocol, founded by Shane Qiu, is reshaping how we trade assets across blockchains with a mesh liquidity network for Cosmos. Side’s solution distributes liquidity across different blockchains in a bridgeless, yet interconnected manner. Learn more about this new protocol at


Formless is transforming the digital creator economy with their innovative protocol, SHARE. Under the visionary leadership of founders Brandon Tory, Justin Zubrick, Bixia Mac, and Jason Martin, Formless is pioneering a fresh approach to media distribution. Explore their initiative at


Hopscotch is building Venmo for crypto. The creation of Marco Mele, Morgan Culbertson, Luca Faust, and Chiara Faust, Hopscotch seeks to transform the way we transfer digital money. Dive into their application at


Native, led by Meina Zhou, is weaving an invisible layer of Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) into crypto. Each DEX, project-owned and embedded into that project's UI, taps into a network of liquidity. To learn more about Native's groundbreaking solution, visit


Octane, founded by Nathan Ostrowski, Devin Shah, and Giovanni Vignone, is using advanced AI to enhance blockchain security. Their tools help developers find problems quickly, without complicated setup and dev onboarding. You can view their work at

It was an absolute pleasure working with the 10 projects during Cohort S23. Now, we cannot wait to see the heights these projects will reach having graduated from Beacon. Make sure to follow these projects too stay up to date on their journeys post-Beacon.

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