Beacon Mentor Announcement - Edgy

June 16, 2023
Beacon Core Contributors

We're excited to formally welcome Edgy to our growing community of Beacon Mentors.

Edgy is the founder of The DeFi Edge, a leading web3 research and media company. Starting out as just a single Twitter account with 0 followers, Edgy has organically grown the DeFi Edge into one of the most trusted outlets in Crypto Twitter with over 255k followers.

Before starting The DeFi Edge, Edgy founded several successful ecommerce companies, making him both a great web2 and web3 entrepreneur.

In addition to his session on Organic Community Growth, Edgy will be supporting our founders on all things DeFi, Social Media, and Community Management.

Our founders cannot wait to benefit from all that Edgy has to offer!

If you'd like to work with Edgy and any of the great mentors in our network, apply to the next cohort of Beacon here.

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