Tips for Nailing Your Beacon Application

August 13, 2023
Beacon Core Contributors

After the successful graduation of Beacon Cohort S23 last Wednesday, we’re excited to officially open applications for Cohort F23. Having received and reviewed thousands of Beacon applications to date, our team at Beacon decided to put together some general tips aggregating what we see in the best applications. If you’ve been struggling to put together your app, read below to take your submission to the next level. 

1. Give Your Application the Time it Deserves

We know the Beacon application is lengthy, detailed, and yes, quite comprehensive. However, that’s because we think it’s critical to really understand the backgrounds and motivations of our applicants and understand your startup inside and out! So, don't rush it. Spend quality time understanding each question and articulating thoughtful answers. This application is not something we think a founder should be able to write and submit in one sitting.

2. Proofread, Proofread, and Proofread Again

A well-polished application will always stand out. Proofread everything - not just for grammatical errors or typos but also for clarity and coherence of your ideas. Make sure your pitch deck is in top shape too - it should be well-assembled and neat. A thoughtful application conveys a thoughtful founder, and a sloppy one… well, you get the idea.

3. Make Sure Blockchain is Fundamental, Not Tangent

Your Blockchain and decentralized technology should be at the core of your project. Our team can tell when web3 has been thrown on top of an existing product to chase a trend. We’re not interested in those projects. Use your application to lay out your problem and then explain why leveraging blockchain is critical to solving that problem in the best way possible.

4. Tell us Why You’re the Best Person to Solve this Problem

Here at Beacon, we're big believers in founder-market fit. We want to feel the passion that drives you, the commitment that fuels you, and see the threads of your personal story woven into your startup. Tell us why you care about the problem you’re tackling. And tell us why no one else is better equipped to solve this problem. Highlight your skills, experiences, or insights that give you an edge over others.

5. Reflect on Changes and Growth (A Shout-out to Reapplicants)

If you've applied to Beacon before, take this opportunity to discuss how your startup has evolved since your last application. What have you learned? How has your approach changed? How have these experiences better equipped you for success in the Beacon program? Remember, we're not just looking for neat ideas; we're looking for committed founders with a relentless drive to make a difference. This is the part of your application to show us your growth!

We look forward to receiving your application for Cohort F23. An application to Beacon is more than just paperwork, it's your introduction to a network committed to innovation and growth. Whether you're a first-time applicant or reapplying, we want to see your passion, determination, and vision. Take the time to present your best, reflect on your growth, and show us why you're uniquely qualified. And with these tips, we hope you're ready to submit your application. Make sure to apply here: Beacon F23 Application.

Disclaimer: This post is meant to provide general information only, and should not be used to evaluate the merits of any investment decision. It should not be taken as financial, accounting, legal or tax advice, nor should it be relied upon to recommend any investment. The opinions expressed herein are those of the authors at the time of writing and do not necessarily represent the views of Beacon or its affiliates or any individuals associated with Beacon. These opinions are subject to change without notice.