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Colexion is a GameFi ecosystem that is focused on bringing Web2 games onto Web3 and making web 3 games tapping asian market users. We're achieving this through a system called the Colexion Core, that provides games with a host of services necessary for them to thrive in the Web3 world (minting, marketplace, web to web3 bridge, comment wallet etc.). With over 18 million users in our web2 daily fantasy game and hyper casual game with  a rockstar team with over 6 years of experience in fantasy and real money gaming, Colexion is launching flagship cricket daily fantasy game with NFTs of cricketers licensed IP. We've also acquired exclusive rights of more than 40 international cricketers from around the world, cricket leagues and boards and also tapping into other sports worldwide.

Fiona Adams

Chief NFT Officer

Abhay Aggarwal

CEO, Founder