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CUBE3.AI invented the industry's first real-time transaction security solution for web3. This is not just another step in web3 security, it's a leap - a move from just monitoring threats to actively blocking them before they cause damage.

We are serial entrepreneurs (2x cybersecurity exits to Oracle and Comcast), machine learning researchers, white hat and blockchain engineers, backed by leading investors. Our vision is to create a safer web3 by making real-time threat protection essential.

Beyond traditional audits and bug bounties, our innovative solution represents a new line of defense for smart contracts. Leveraging advanced machine learning, we detect and block threats before they can be executed, guarding against cyber exploits, wallet hacks, fraud, vulnerabilities, and compliance risks, thereby setting a new industry standard in web3 security.

Embrace a safer web3. Begin your journey with CUBE3.AI at

Chris Griffiths


Einaras Gravrock