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Cubist is a developer tools and infrastructure company bringing modern software engineering practices and first-class security to web3 builders. We built our key management platform, CubeSigner, to address the security vs availability tradeoff: right now, many teams are forced to keep their secret keys available in memory and therefore exposed to attackers, or try to keep keys safe—usually only at rest—at serious latency and engineering cost. CubeSigner addresses this problem by giving you low-latency access to hardware-backed key generation, signing, and application-specific tasks like validator staking or unstaking. Cubist’s founders include a former fintech COO and computer science professors from Carnegie Mellon University and UC San Diego who have spent their careers retrofitting security guarantees on messy, real-world systems and have collectively published over 80 research papers on computer systems, security, and cryptography.

Riad Wahby

Co-Founder & CEO

Fraser Brown

Co-Founder & CTO

Deian Stefan

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Ann Stefan

Co-Founder & COO