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Cubist is a developer tools and infrastructure company bringing modern software engineering practices and first-class security to web3 builders. Cubist’s toolkit makes it safe and easy to build, test and deploy multi-chain and cross-chain dapps in automated pipelines that handle keys and sequencing. With a few lines of configuration, developers can use Cubist to switch bridge providers and chains, spin up private testnets and funded test accounts, do simulation testing and more. Cubist’s founders include a former fintech COO and computer science professors from Carnegie Mellon University and UC San Diego who have spent their careers retrofitting security guarantees on messy, real-world systems and have collectively published over 80 research papers on computer systems, compilers, programming languages, security, and cryptography.

Riad Wahby

Co-Founder & CEO

Fraser Brown

Co-Founder & CTO

Deian Stefan

Co-Founder & Chief Scientist

Ann Stefan

Co-Founder & COO