FastLane Labs

FastLane Labs is focused on the synergy of our two distinct products: an MEV relay and a liquid staking derivative.  

The MEV relay safeguards Polygon's user experience by aligning incentives in the p2p layer.  Validators collect MEV revenue, traders enjoy better fill rates and regular users benefit from the reduction in "spam" and protection from "sandwich" attacks.  Our unique model  of MEV extraction is based on the TradFi concept of 'colocating' and is optimal for rapidly adapting to changing regulatory environments.

A portion of the MEV relay's revenue will be used to boost the yield of our liquid staking derivative. This isn't ponzinomics - the MEV revenue is collected by the relay as MATIC and is paid out to the stakers as MATIC, just like the rest of the interest.

Our governance token will be used to vote on allocating the staking derivative's underlying stake. Only validators participating in the ecosystem-friendly MEV program will be eligible for stake allocations via governance votes. For validators, our governance token will be directly tied to cashflow: More governance tokens = More votes = Higher Stake = More Blocks = More MEV revenue & More block reward revenue.

Jordan Hagan

COO, Co-Founder

Alex Watts

CEO, Co-Founder