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SHARE turns the intermediated digital creator economy into a decentralized ecosystem powered by choice. In a future where every piece of media on the internet is a program executed on a decentralized world computer, each creator has the power to choose distribution terms that make the most sense for their unique business. This means the future of media is a spectrum of business models including free, subscription-based, ad monetized, micro-transactional, or token gated, and where these models are codified into the media itself rather than platform controlled.

Additionally, with our patent pending S2RD technology, SHARE introduces a multi-player internet paradigm whereby millions of formerly passive consumers can participate in on-chain revenue sharing to incentivize peer-to-peer media distribution at a scale that was previously not possible. SHARE includes a decentralized app, production cloud infrastructure, and a Web3 protocol making it a hub for all applications to leverage as a decentralized media-based layer with on-chain financial mechanisms operating autonomously.

Jason Martin

Co-Founder, COO

Bixia Mac

Co-Founder, CFO

Justin Zubrick

Co-Founder | Head of Partnerships

Brandon Tory

Founder, CEO