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Maru builds composable & interoperable zk-rollups for internet scale dApps. Using a best in class zk proof system (STARKs+Plonky2/3), real time data indexing, zkDataLake, and zkMapReduce, Maru provides trustless high performance compute with on-chain and off-chain data for DeFi, NFTs, Payments, DAOs, and AI-driven dApps that need composable big data & compute across all blockchains.

Maru's Public Testnet with SDK and circuit editor is live with plans to release their starkVM based on plonky3 in Q2-Q3 2024. Maru's mainnet is targeted for Q4 ‘24-Q1 ‘25.

Denis Kanonik

Co-Founder, CTO

Anton Yezhov

Co-Founder, Head of Engineering

Alex Rusnak

Founder & CEO