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Nillion is new internet infrastructure for the private storage, computation and decentralization of data. It is a decentralized network (but not a layer 1 or blockchain) that utilizes a novel mathematical innovation called Nil Message Compute (NMC). NMC represents a generational leap of a technology known as secure multi-party computation (MPC), enabling the fragmentation and dispersion of private data across the Nillion network of nodes, while still allowing the underlying data to be computed with at commercially viable speeds, without the need for communication between the nodes. This unlocks significant new utility in web3 by enabling use cases like decentralized credit scoring, decentralized trusted execution environments, private NFTs, decentralized secure storage services and more. It also has meaningful implications outside of web3, such as enabling the storing of healthcare records while allowing analysis and studies to be run on the underlying records without jeopardizing an individual’s right to privacy.

Andrew Masanto

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Alex Page


Andrew Yeoh